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Unable to control the bladder is one of the common problems for the elderly, and there are various surgical treatments available for it, but the most effective, non-surgical way of managing it is to use Adult Diaper Pants. We at BonBon, have a range of adult diapers for elderly patients as well as middle-aged patients, as we strive to provide people suffering from bladder issues with the desired comfort.

Benefits of BonBon Adult Diaper Pants

Disposable Adult Diaper Pants

  1. Single way Non-Woven top: Allows single way passage of fluid in the absorbent layer.
  2. Super Absorbent Polymer: Turns fluid into gel. Users feel dry, soft and comfortable.
  3. Leak Guard: Soft leak guard provides maximum protection against leakages.
  4. Absorption and Distribution Layer (ADL): Allows even distribution of liquid in the absorbent layer.
  5. Dual-Core Fluff Pulp layer: For better-controlled absorption.
  6. Multi-strand leg: Allows comfortable snug fit without pinching the skin. Also prevents leakage in the crotch area.
  7. Extra absorbent particles: For better absorption.

How to wear a BonBon Adult Diaper Pants

  1. Open the bonbon adult diaper pants package.
  2. Stretch the diaper width-wise and spread its ruffles, in order to prepare it.
  3. Check for the blue strings to find the diaper’s front.
  4. Place your feet inside the leg cuffs of the diaper one by one in the sitting position and then slide it upwards till the knees.
  5. Pull the diaper pants upwards in the standing position.
  6. Adjust the diaper pants around the user’s waist by running your fingers through the waist elastic.
  7. Adjust the leak guards to make them even around the thighs, in order to prevent leakage.

BonBon Adult Diaper Pants Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.


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