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premium baby diapers
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Premium Adult Diapers

BonBon Premium Adult Diapers are designed specifically for grown-up individuals with a body type larger than a toddler or an infant. There are various conditions that make it necessary for adults at times to wear this product for example in case of severe diarrhea, dementia, or mobility impairment. While there is no such restriction on who can use or wear pull-up diapers, adult diapers are basically meant for senior citizens with bladder control issues. Here are a few other types of people for whom or conditions for which adult diapers are useful:

  1. Individuals with temporary mobility impairment
  2. Senior citizens with mobility issues
  3. Accident victims
  4. Permanently disabled individuals
  5. People suffering from dementia
  6. Conditions like diarrhea
  7. Patients who have undergone a surgery
  8. People suffering from prostate cancer or related disorders
  9. Diabetic patients
  10. Urology patients

How to wear BonBon Premium Adult Diapers?

  1. Open the diaper package.
  2. To make sure there is no contamination, do not touch the inner side of the diaper.
  3. Softly fold the diaper lengthwise and make sure you do not make any creases while doing so.
  4. Now, hold the diaper in such a way that the side with no tapes is at the front and the taped side is at the back.
  5. Make the user lie sideways if they can’t wear it on their own and help them spread their legs a little, in order to pass the diaper between their thighs from front to back, or if the user wants to wear it with no help, they should pass the diaper between their thighs from front to back by standing and spreading their legs a little.
  6. Stick the tape on the lower side obliquely upwards and the tape on the upper side obliquely downwards on the frontal surface for a better grip.
  7. Now, adjust the leak guards and the diaper’s edges, in order to make it comfortable and avoid leakage.

BonBon Premium Adult Diapers Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.


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