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premium baby diapers
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Keep your baby healthy and happy with diapering essentials

Searching for the best diapers for your baby? Regardless of whether you have a newborn, a baby, or a young child who needs some additional help remaining dry overnight. our packs of diapers offer choices to suit each youngster’s needs.

With a Bonbon Diaper’s innovative stretchy waistband which moves as baby moves, this super active child of yours can freely run, jump, climb and explore without having to worry about a sagging or leaking diaper!

Shop for the 100% breathable cottony soft BonBon baby diapers in India for extra comfort.

With the brand as good as ‘BonBon Product’, the baby diapers have a 360-degree stretchable waistband for all day long comfort along with high absorbency with absorbent wonder gel for easy dry. The product is designed keeping in mind all the basic necessities to keep your babies happy.

BonBon Premium Baby Diapers Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

Baby Diapers

Why Choose Premium Baby Diaper

  1. BonBon Baby Diapers original ingredients sourced from Japan and American.
  2. Perfect for your delicate baby: Soft and perfectly snug with no need to worry about leakage.
  3. Super soft material: which is kind and gentle for baby’s delicate skin.
  4. Moisture Distribution-Retention Layer: Layer that DRAW-DISTRIBUTE-RETAIN moisture efficiently and uniformly to prevent fluid from resurfacing.
  5. Side Leak guard: Side leak guard provides effective leak control, offers you peace of mind.
  6. Cool Care System: Cool Care System (breathes) feature for better fresh air circulation to maintain the coolness of the baby’s skin and to assure healthier baby’s skin.
  7. 3D Wet Control Core: 3D dimensional absorbent core design keeps baby dry, cool, and happy with superior wet control.
  8. Contoured Design: Designed for an active baby. Ergonomic design that conforms to baby contoured for extra comfort and all-around leak protection.
  9. Antibacterial Agent + Odor Control: The Antibacterial Agent is incorporated into the gel to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Hence it helps to reduce skin irritation and any unpleasant odor. Bacteria cause the breakdown of urine into ammonia which is smelly. Since bacteria growth is inhibited, this effectively helps to reduce the unpleasant odor.

  1. The side with the tapes goes on back. Spread the diaper flat and slide the back half under the baby until the top of the back-half reaches the baby’s waist.
  2. Be sure to slide it under the baby’s back until it goes higher up than the belly-button line.

  1. Pull the tape and make sure that it fits snugly. There is no need to worry about it being too tight because the waist of the back portion of the diaper stretches.
  2. Check to make sure that the left and right sides have been placed symmetrically. Pull-on the tape a bit and stretch the gathers on the back when securing





3-7 KG

66 PCS


6-10 KG

56 PCS


9-13 KG

52 PCS


>13 KG

48 PCS

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