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Bonbon Premium Overnight Adult Diapers

overnight diapers for adults

BonBon Overnight Premium adult diapers are an ideal solution for anyone who experiences incontinence throughout the night. It is looking for a way to stay dry and comfortable. Enjoy peace of mind and fewer nighttime changes – meaning more sleep for you. Designed with extra absorbency and security, these diapers for adults allow you and your loved ones to sleep happy.

Our BonBon Overnight Premium adult diapers are a fully supportive diaper that wraps around the belly, rear, and crotch area to provide protection from incontinence. Featuring a thick, and highly absorbent core.

Features of BonBon Overnight Premium adult diapers

High Absorbency Levels:

BonBon overnight adult diapers are highly absorbent disposable diapers and more economical. As you do not need to change them every few hours. BonBon overnight adult Diaper is multi-layered and provides an innovative absorption technology.

Refasten able tabs:

BonBon Overnightadult diapers have to Refasten able tabs instead of tabs that you can only stick once. This means you can fasten and unfasten the side panels as many times as you need to get the fit just right, without worrying about the tabs losing their stickiness.

High-rise fits:

BonBon overnight adult diapers feature a “high-rise fit,” meaning they go up higher on the back and belly than other diapers. These are great for larger users or those that want to feel more secure.

Odour Control:

BonBon overnight adult diapers diaper is not only effective when providing incontinence protection but also helps to eliminate odors. BonBon overnight Adult Diapers provide excellent design and construction by leveraging the latest technology. It also, odor control, which keeps the user fresh and helps you maintain an odor-free home.

Leg gathers:

BonBon overnight adult diapers have “leg gathers,” also called “leg guards.”
These are pieces of fabric that run along the leg holes and catch leaks before they can spill out.

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