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What You Should Know About Adult Diaper Rash

adult diapers rash

Adult Diaper rash is commonly caused by infrequent diaper changes, which can lead to irritation from chemicals found in urine and stool. It may also be caused by an allergic reaction, or a yeast or fungal infection. Adult diaper rash is uncomfortable but can usually be treated.

Common Symptoms of Adult Diaper Rash:-

  • Allergic reaction: Elderly adults wearing incontinence briefs may be allergic to the perfumes in the diaper material.
  • Improper washing: Not washing the genital area carefully when bathing can lead to a rash around the area where the diaper is worn.
  • Skin irritation: This can be a result of friction from wet skin rubbing against the diaper, or prolonged contact with the chemicals in urine or stool.
  • Swelling: Apart from all these, one may notice some swelling, patches, or bumps in the affected area. This is a sign of an extreme case of diaper rash.

Home remedies:

In most cases, the best way to treat adult diaper rash is to change briefs and pads frequently and as soon as possible after soiling them.

People with diaper rash should also:

  • change briefs or pads if they become even slightly wet
  • gently wash the affected area a few times a day with lukewarm water and hypoallergenic soaps or cleansers
  • pat the skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing it
  • thoroughly rinse off all soaps after bathing

Use Super Absorbent Diapers:

Quality products lead to quality life’. Do not compromise with the quality of your diapers. If your diaper is not absorbing enough and leaves you with a wet feeling all the time that means you should stop using that particular type of diaper and shift to another one that is super absorbent and comfy.

Adult Diapers

Wetness is the main cause of skin irritation and rashes. Continuity of using the same diapers can make your skin condition worse. The BonBon Premium Adult Diapers are highly absorbent disposable diapers and more economical. As you do not need to change them every few hours.

When Should You See a doctor?

Although diaper rashes are painful and can cause inconvenience, there are many ways to prevent them, to ensure a normal and healthy skin condition. Dermatologists suggest treatments according to a patient’s condition. The suggestions they offer may differ from one person to another. Rashes can be normal, moderate, or severe, but in all cases, one should get a proper check-up.

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