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Activities for your 4-month-old Baby

4-month-old Baby

Being a parent is indeed a blessing, and this realization will be quite evident as your baby steps into his fourth eventful month. The disarming smile and the incoherent babble certainly make your world a more beautiful one! Check out this comprehensive guide to infant development at 4 months that details all its important aspects for you.

Who would have thought that in those few months he could become that little person? He’s getting more sociable every day and the playing time just keeps getting better. Here you can find out how you can make the most of the game time with your four-month-old.

Give them Toys

Give him a toy that makes a rattle or creak and watch his reaction when he grabs it learning about the different senses is educational and magical for a baby. Passing a toy from side to side is fun. When she talks to her about the toys and the game, she hears more words. Do you remember the first time you smiled a month or two ago? Now he starts laughing which is so much better!

Baby with Toys
playing baby

Go For a Play

Bubbles are fascinating for babies. Fly them around your baby and he’ll be entertained endlessly.
Play this little pig while you dress it up. She’ll love to be tickled and stimulated, and it’s a good distraction when trying to put your socks on too!

Set up play Time

Invite Two or more mom friends who have babies of the same age, you can put your babies on the floor with some toys and watch what happens. You will love watching your baby hang out with his new friends and you might make friends yourself. Playing with your baby and creating a fun and active environment are vital in early childhood. Keep them active and you will raise a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted baby.

play time with baby

Baby Milestones – 4 Months

The following are the important milestones your baby will achieve during his fourth month:

  • Response to worry and love: once you show love and affection to your baby, your baby will answer it with a smile or a cheerful gesture. Your tiny tot now knows that kisses and caresses are like love and can react accordingly once you shower him amorously. Your four-month-old baby is now ready to understand love especially when it comes from parents and siblings.
  • Shows improved memory: Your baby’s recognition is best within the fourth month and can react towards specific toys and other people too. He may show his likes and dislikes in a defined manner where he may love the corporate of his grandfather or resist being held by an aunt. He is going to be ready to choose a favorite toy or a brightly colored ball from an outsized and growing collection.
  • Displays emotions: even as your baby understands love, he’s also ready to express sadness when he enters the fourth month. He will cry when he doesn’t see you around or when he sees you walk out of the space. He will stop crying when he sees you coming close. The wail of sadness is going to be different from the cry of hunger, and you’ll be ready to distinguish between them.
  • Holds a gentle head: once you hold your baby in your arms, he is going to be ready to hold his head with no support. This happens because his neck muscles are tons stronger thanks to which he’s ready to make natural movements. Also, notice how he holds his head once you pick him up from a horizontal position.
  • Develops stronger muscles: once you place your baby on his stomach, he will look to push his elbows downwards. Your baby’s upper arms are developing stronger muscles, then are the rear and shoulder muscles, which help him to try to do that.
  • Can roll over: Your baby now has an increased range of movements at his disposal which allows him to roll over from tummy to back. this is often an enormous step in his physical development which is usually thanks to the growing strength within the shoulder and back area.
  • Will laugh and smile: The fourth month brings tons of giggles and laughs which are amid a flurry of hand and leg movements. Anything that your baby will find funny and interesting, sort of a sudden movement or an amusing sound will elicit laughter and gurgles.

Tips for Parents:

Here are a couple of tips for folks that will help to reinforce the experience of nurturing a 4 months old baby:

baby with family
  • Place your baby in your lap and put the book you would like to read out from ahead of you. A bright-colored book is your best bet to stay your busy bee interested because it attracts and helps in cultivating his sense of vision, too.
  • Give a name or identity to every toy, object, and person who your child sees. When his dad arrives, say “Say hi to Daddy” or introduce him to a toy saying “here is that the ball”. this is often an exquisite way of teaching him the name-object association and new words.
  • Speak the maximum amount as possible to your bundle of joy. during this manner, he will devour a couple of words though he might not understand them. Simple words like dada, mama, or baba are easy to repeat for the baby if you repeat them in your daily conversation with him.
  • Encourage your baby to stay on his tummy and let him reach bent toys and other objects of interest during this point. this enables him to exercise and develop muscles around the neck and back. Place toys in his field of vision so he can track them by moving his neck and head.
  • In order to assist your baby to possess better control over his movements, perform activities that allow free movement of his arms and elbow joints. Hold his hands while reciting a poem or singing a song and sway them from one end to a different one. you’ll also do that by holding a toy and letting him grab the opposite end.

4 Months Old Baby Activities

Choose from any of the subsequent activities which will help develop and keep your baby engaged. These 4 Months baby activities are ideal to permit the baby to spend a while on his own and can provide an opportunity for you, too.

4 Month Old Baby Activities
  • Place a little soft toy on your child’s chest and watch his reactions. The toy will hold his attention for an extended time though it’s going to fall off sometimes. Stay nearby and put the toy back in place.
  • Put some colorful socks on your baby’s feet or use foot rattles if you would like. Place a little rolled-up towel or napkin under his hips to elevate his position a touch so he can see his feet easily.
  • Reading bent your baby may be a proven way of developing his cognitive skills. Get books that are sturdy and contain many pictures and pictures. Your baby will want to touch, feel and taste the books, so allow him to touch the pages and characters.
  • When your baby is awake, he is going to be moving his hands and legs continuously. Give him additional work-out by lifting him while lying on your back. Provide toys that surround him so he can pivot himself in several directions.
  • Balls are objects of fascination for many babies as they come around and wonder how that happens. Bounce the ball, gently bounce it against the wall to assist your baby to understand what a ball can do.

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