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How do you know when to size up on diapers?


Have you ever tried reading the size guidelines on the side of a box of diapers? If so, you’ve quickly realized just how tricky diaper sizing can be. Perhaps your baby’s current diapers are ever-so-slightly snug, but you’re not quite sure if your little one is ready for the next size? Well, here are a few simple signs that will let you know when it’s time to move up a size in diapers!

Making Sure the Diaper Fits Right:

  • Most of the time, your baby’s weight will fall neatly within the range of a particular diaper size, producing an honest fit. In some cases, you would possibly have a choice of two sizes, because the weight ranges can sometimes overlap.
  • If you’ve got a baby who is long and slim, for instance, you would possibly be got to accompany the smaller of the 2 sizes for the simplest fit.

Beyond checking to form sure the diaper suits your baby’s weight, there are four quick checks you’ll do to form sure your baby’s diaper fits properly:

  • The diaper’s waistband should sit slightly below your baby’s belly button.
  • The leg cuffs shouldn’t have any gaps. After the diaper is on, run two fingers just inside the leg cuffs to urge them within the proper position to assist prevent leaks.
  • After the diaper is fastened, you ought to be ready to fit two fingers under the waistband. this suggests the diaper is fitted properly — not too snug, not too loose.
  • When you take the diaper off, you shouldn’t see any red marks.

Here are some signs that tell you when to size up.

1. Go through the instructions on the box

This may seem obvious, but if your child is approaching the upper limit of the diaper’s weight range (i.e., you have a 16-pound baby in 12- to 18-pound size diapers) it may be time to consider a switch. The weight limits are based on average-sized babies, but not all babies are shaped the same. With some diaper sizes, my daughter had to move up well before the weight limit on the box, but with other sizes (like her current size 4 diapers) she’s above the weight limit by a pound or two, and they still fit fine. Try different sizes, and see what works best for your child.

2. You notice outflows on several occasions


One of the most obvious signs of a too-small diaper is when your little one is constantly leaking through diapers or having “blowouts.” While parents may sometimes jump to the conclusion that the problem lies with the brand of diaper they’re using, but a diaper that is too small won’t be able to contain your little one’s messes, no matter what brand it is. Try sizing up and see if that eliminates the problem.

3. Difficulty connecting the diaper tabs at your baby’s waist

This could be a sign that it’s time to move up a size. A diaper should close easily without having to tug and pull at them. Also, consider the rise of the diaper. A properly fitting diaper should come just slightly below your little one’s belly button. If it’s fitting a little more like a low rise, it’s time to move on up!

diaper tabs

4. You spot red marks around your baby’s thighs

Diaper Rash

This is a Tell-tales sign that the diapers are too snug. The elastic around the leg should have some stretch, but if the diaper is too small, it won’t fit properly and will create these red marks. This is a time to move up a size in diapers.

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